Building a diverse team from the ground up

It's 2021, and while many things have changed for the better, they haven't changed enough, particularly in technology.

Right from the get-go, we knew we wanted to build a diverse company. Our founding team was balanced in gender terms. Our next hire was someone intimately familiar with the world we inhabited, and whom we knew through a Rust meetup that he organised.

We are determined to ensure that our hiring pipeline reflects the world we live in (rather than the world we work in). We've had a broad set of people vet our hiring page to ensure that the language is inclusive, and welcoming. We've reached out to folks we know and asked them to help us reach under-represented members in tech.

These are baby steps. We will continue doing our very best to build an inclusive, and welcoming space for everyone. We're acutely aware that gender is not the only axis of representation, and this is something we hope to address over time as well.

Here are some of the policies we've adopted to further our aim of building a diverse, and inclusive space. As we grow (slowly and sustainably), our intention is to continue to put progressive and employee-friendly policies in place.

Remote work

Offices are often designed around male-centric preferences. From the ergonomics of the workstation, to the temperature of the room, or the typical work schedule, professional spaces rarely account for differing priorities or perspectives. Remote work allows for more diverse participation.

Working hours

A full working week for us is 35 hours. We want to allow you the flexibility of scheduling your work day in a way that's most comfortable to you, while allowing for reasonable overlap with your team. We don't work weekends.


We encourage and support both speaking at, and attending conferences, all over the world.

Taking nilenso's lead, we have adopted a no questions asked paid menstrual leave policy.

We currently operate with a flexible ("as needed") paid leave policy. We encourage people to regularly take time off. As we grow, we will likely introduce a more formal policy.